Organizational Imaginaries now published!

With the pandemic and state retreat, more groups are considering forming and adopting collectivist-democratic forms, like worker cooperatives, solidarity economies, and mutual aid.  Such organizational forms could offer avenues for exploring the kinds of futures desired by an increasing number of people – ones that include opportunities for authentic voice, connection, and community. For theContinue reading “Organizational Imaginaries now published!”

state-of-the-art book on self-help and mutual aid groups now available

With the on-going pandemic and state abandonment/failure, communities are doubling down on self-help and mutual aid. Learn about the long history of such efforts via Thomasina Borkman‘s new book Self-Help/Mutual Aid Groups and Peer Support (Brill, 2020). In this work, Borkman overviews 50 years of research on self-help and mutual aid groups in North America.Continue reading “state-of-the-art book on self-help and mutual aid groups now available”

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