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How can cooperative and alternative forms promote resiliency

Crises like the ongoing pandemic are opportunities to re-examine the taken-for-granted. While some of us re-consider the differential risk of engaging in everyday activities, others of us consider how organizational forms and markets could change to support wider interests. To explore the latter point, Virginia Commonwealth University Prof. Victor Tan Chen and I wrote aContinue reading “How can cooperative and alternative forms promote resiliency”

The Expert Teacher Fallacy: A Response to Andrew Perrin about Teaching Social Theory

Reminder: Sign up for mail notifications from the blog! Enter your email in the box at the bottom of the home page. My opinion about teaching social theory is simple. Avoid history of social thought, philosophy of social science, and meta theory. Instead, present the basic ideas of sociology as you see them and illustrate themContinue reading “The Expert Teacher Fallacy: A Response to Andrew Perrin about Teaching Social Theory”


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