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How to create new futures during these difficult times

Want to help your students create new futures from these difficult times? Need creative ideas on how organizations can tackle inequality and exploitation? Join Adria Scharf, Joyce Rothschild, Katie Sobering, Victor Tan Chen, Katherine Chen (me!), & other researchers of democratic organizations on 8am PDT Sun., Aug. 7 at the American Sociological Association! We’ll discuss how to teach about…

Q&A with Michael Prentice about Supercorporate book

Check out my guest Q&A at the CaMP Anthropology blog, where I interview Michael Prentice about his findings and research process. An organizational researcher, Prentice has just published his organizational ethnography Supercorporate: Distinction and Participation in Post-Hierarchy South Korea (Stanford University Press). Our discussion covers the meaning of supercorporate and how this concept based on…

On Clifford Brown

Reminder: Sign up for mail notifications from the blog! Enter your email in the box at the bottom of the home page. Wynton Marsalis once said that jazz is not a nihilistic music. It can be sad, happy, or chaotic. Cool and calm at times; unbounded at other times. Spiritual or intellectual, sometimes both. But never…


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