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Welcome to Markets, Power, and Culture

Hello, everyone!

This is the inaugural post for the new “Markets, Power, and Culture” blog that Katherine and I will host. We hope that you will join us in the days to come. We love talking about the latest ideas in sociology and other social sciences and we hope that you will subscribe to the blog. Just put your email in the registration form at the bottom of the page to get an update every time we post.

Why call it “Markets, Power, and Culture?” I think that captures the range of social science that we like to think about. Markets is a short hand way to talk about well, markets, but economics, organizations, and decision theory more generally. Power is a great way to talk about politics, policy, and government. Culture is all about the way we collectively think about the world.

Another question: why blog? Isn’t that so 2005? Good writing and lively discussion is always fashionable. We recognize that very fast short talk, like Twitter, is important, but a blog is a place where you can sit down with a cup of coffee and have a conversation. I also like the blog format because you don’t have the phenomenon of “twitter mobs.” Unruly guests are shown the door. Then, is this just old school journaling? Not quite. The core of this website will continue to be real writing, but we’re going to experiment with other content. I promise it’ll be fun.

So I wish you a great New Year and I hope that we’ll have some good conversations.


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